GemWerx Calendar

GemWerx tries to keep a calendar of as many gem shows as possible as well as other events that we might be attending.

We generally attend gem shows as far South as Armidale and as far North as Mareeba so we will cover this region as thoroughly as possible.  We may not cover events that don’t fall within that region.

We provide you with a Google map of the location as well as a five day weather forecast.  In addition, you can have an event send you an email reminder.

To find GemWerx at the event, select the desired event, find the location pin on the map, switch to satellite mode and expand the map.  GemWerx will be at the location of the pin on the map.

In the event calendar, see events at which we are:

  • trading,
  • not trading, and
  • still discussing.


Add your own event

The GemWerx Events Calendar primarily contains events from NSW and QLD, mainly because they were the easiest to find and we trade at many of them.  We do understand that there are many other events around Australia, many of which don’t appear in readily available online publications.  As a consequence, we have added the ability for logged in users to add their own event if we have missed it in our list.  We will need to approve it but that is only to keep out non-related events.  However, if you would like your event to be displayed then add it anyway as GemWerx as well as other traders do participate in non-gemshow events like the Guyra Lamb and Potato Festival.

Check the Knowledge Base for help on how to add your own event.

Stachethemes Event Calendar is not activated. To activate it go to Dashboard -> Stachethemes Event Calendar -> Product License


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