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Welcome to GemWerx

GemWerx provides the finest quality precision cut gemstones, from personally selected pieces of rough and cut in Australia. We keep costs down by doing all the work ourselves, including buying the rough, cutting and photographing it and building the website. In this way we can offer superior stones at more than competitive prices.

Visit this website often as new stones are regularly added as I cut them. I will usually update the website after I have finished cutting three or four new stones.

You can sign up for email alerts, follow me on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram to be notified of the updates. To get email notifications you must sign up on the Contact Page, don’t email me, fill in the form instead. New products will always be shown on the website at the bottom of the “Shop” page.

“Creativity is the art of making visible what, without you, might perhaps never have been seen.”
– Robert Bresson

Precision Cut vs Commercial Cut

So what does this mean for a consumer? When you buy commercial cut gemstones it means that you pay a tremendous amount of money for a stone that is below standard. You will appreciate the difference between our fine Australian precision cut gemstones and overseas commercial cut stones. All of our stones are cut for maximum BEAUTY, not weight retention, every stone is cut to ensure that the correct angles for the gem material are used to bring out the maximum brilliance. You will not see windows, lopsided symmetry or other flaws typical found in commercially cut stones.

Precision gems ..

  • are more beautiful
  • will make your finished jewelry more unique
  • are individual pieces of gem art
  • will sell faster in your shop, and with higher profits for you
  • are more attractive to gem collectors
  • are cut in Australia

There are a few crucial reasons why a precision cut gemstone is simply more beautiful than any commercial cut gemstone:

Brilliance Precision cut gemstones are cut for brilliance and this requires sacrificing the overall weight of the finished gemstone to have the most brilliance or light return. Commercial cut gemstones are cut for weight because, commercially, they are sold by the carat, not by the brilliance.
PrecisionThe gemstone is cut solely to preserve the perfect angles that will give the gemstone the greatest light return. The gemstones are cut to make sure they fit calibrated sizes and will be cut too deeply or too shallowly to fit the mold.
BeautyGemcutters like myself are artists first and businessmen second, I want my gemstones to be beautiful then they will sell themselves. Commercial gemcutters have to meet quotas of how many cut carats they sell compared to how many rough carats they used up. They are looking after their monetary requirements not the beauty of the gemstone.


A high percentage of light entering the gemstone will return to the eye in a well proportioned gem allowing it to show maximum brilliance.


A gemstone cut too deep will be much too dark and the light will be refracted out of the pavillion.


Much of the light will refract out of the pavilion of a shallow cut gem rather than reflecting internally and will make the gem seem washed out and windowed.


If the gem has been cut with a pavilion off-centre the path with light returning to the eye will cause one half of the gem to show brilliance while the path with the light leaving the pavilion will cause the other half of the gem to be extinguished.

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